Versillias Begins

This story starts with the birth of two Gods, Momiji and Michiyo.

Like Adam and Eve, Momiji and Michiyo were a male and female. However where Momiji and Michiyo originated is unknown even to them. They swam through the stars during puphood and for years never thought to do anything else but play and play. Like all creatures, the repetitive schedule grew tiresome. Momiji and Michiyo desired more. A world where they could create whatever their heart yearned for... So they began.

First came creation of morning and night, one sun to cast light upon the lands and two moons to bring the depth of darkness. The vast seas were next, a blue marble had been created in the stars. On this blue marble they formed stable a ground of rock and dirt. On that rock and dirt would grow lush greens, flowers, trees and magic essence that danced across the land bringing a sparkling and glowing beauty.

Momiji and Michiyo had created an oasis for themselves, however something still seemed to be missing. The two had lived side by side for ages now with no other form of life other than their beloved plants. One day Momiji had come to Michiyo, requesting her aid in creating new forms of life. Reluctantly Michiyo agreed and through trial and error Momiji and Michiyo had begun to create bursts of intelligent life- life that held unique properties and abilities.

Momiji and Michiyo had been filled with satisfaction at last, they had created a world for themselves, a home. Living with their creations was wondrous and a learning experience for both Gods. Truly Momiji and Michiyo loved their creations with all of their hearts, like any creator would. Their most beloved creation becoming wolves.

It wasn't until years upon years of peace had past that Momiji and Michiyo had finally birthed their own litter of nine beautiful children. However with the lack of communication to their beloved Gods since the birth of their young ones, Momiji and Michiyo's creations had grown restless. A war of jealousy broke loose across the land- forcing it to split into five regions. Enraged at the neglect, the wolves of the North region sought to murder Momiji and Michiyo's children. Heartbroken, the two God's attempted to take to the stars once more and bring their pups with them in a final escape.. this attempt had caused the death of all but one child due to an ambush and the betrayal of the Northern region. Momiji and Michiyo sacrificed their physical forms to protect their last living child at all cost while their spirits fled into the stars.

With the Gods gone.. now their land, creations, the five regions and their child remain.

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